Jacob Sartorius & Baby Ariel are they DATING!?

TikTok Duet Baby Ariel @babyariel and Jacob Sartorius @jacobsartorius

Jacob Sartorius & Baby Ariel. 

Love story has started


Baby Ariel @babyariel and Jacob Sartorius @jacobsartorius are super popular teenagers, social media personalities and singers. They are absolutely internet sensations on their own. 


But what's going on between Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius? 

Started from March 4th, 2020 they have been posting a lot of tiktok videos together and fans seem to think they are boyfriend and girlfriend. 

It's not a surprise because these young celebrities are talented singers, charismatic personalities and have a lot in common. Even they hang out in the company of about the same people.


Are Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius dating or not?

There is a rumor in the internet about tiktok video where Jacob kisses Baby Ariel, but it was urgently deleted. Is it true or not nobody knows. No shots to prove it. 

Another thing many fans admitted that Ariel older than Jacob. Baby Ariel is 19 years old and Jacob is 17 right now. Two years difference could influence real relationships.

Maybe Ariel and Jacob in such way just stir up interest of fans to their personalities, relationships and possible love story?


At last, Jacob made a coming out on his official YouTube Fanpage. In simple video he commented from the third person: 

“Ok, so there are more rumors about Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius dating again. After years of not hanging out Jacob and Ariel finally met up and made tiktoks together! But the types of tiktoks they have been posting are kinda making them look like a couple. Let me show you guys some…”


And he showed funny tiktok duets with Ariel. After he continued in the video:

“It`s clear they are joking but later on Ariel said she missed Jacob a lot when he went back home to be with his family. They also have been hanging out together alone a lot.”


They never dated and they aren’t. They’re just best friends. But who knows how this friendship could transform in the future. Or this is a way to hide their love from prying eyes.


Judge for yourself. In our TikTok Compilation we gathered the most interesting and and contradictory tiktoks with Ariel and Jacob together (preferably from Baby Ariel`s tiktok account to show her attitude from her side).  

Also here you`ll find the reaction of their parents to one specific video.