Best Viral Prank TikTok compilation

Make your day with Funny PRANK TikTok Compilation

Make your day with the best TikTok Compilation.

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Here we gathered 22 viral Prank TikTok videos in one compilation:

  1. Cameraman
  2. Blind walking
  3. Scary movie
  4. How do you fall for that. Couple jokes
  5. Snake prank
  6. Who win?
  7. Kinder surprise
  8. Don`t trust at all
  9. ?arry over thoroughly
  10. When you can`t belive in your body weight
  11. Beatbox prank in WC
  12. Don`t drink my water
  13. Couple battle
  14. I dare you to steal strawberry
  15. I dare you harras the guy in the gym
  16. I dare you to order while singing and dancing
  17. I dare you to put a glass of water on your face
  18. Quarrel in burbershop
  19. She asked for a cut...
  20. Dance prank
  21. Feel like a star at the airport
  22. Bucket prank

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