Funny TikToks in Qurantine

Funny Quarantine TikTok Compilation

Hope you are doing well! Because we prepared new portion of videos with crazy and funny TikTokers!

They can`t stop surprise us with new ideas what to do at home during quarantine.

As a result, good mood is provided :)


In this TikTok Compilation you will find:

  1. Parkour at home
  2. Everyone in quarantine be like...
  3. Couple amusement
  4. Invented new music instrument 
  5. Metro at home
  6. Family funny dance
  7. Stop! Wait a minute...
  8. Give me a sign!
  9. Mirror prank
  10. Miss together
  11. Home stretching
  12. Quarantine cardio
  13. Teeter-totter
  14. Mirror illusion
  15. Me after 172728 days of self-quarantine

And how do you spend your quarantine?

Enjoy our TikTok Compilation and take care!