Do not be bored and have fun with latest TikToks in Quarantine at home

Funny Corona Time TikTok Compilation

During epidemia and even pandemia that spreaded the whole world we all are staing at home right now.

Qurantine is emotionally and physically challenging for all people.

That`s why after 1 week in self-isolation it becomes really boring :(

But you are not alone in current situation. Check out the latest TikToks I Watch Against Boredom During Quarantine. For sure, it brings you a lot of fun and good mood. Maybe motivate you to make your own TikTok video to show how you spend your free time and share out your feelings.


So, in this TikTok Compilation you`ll find the most popular and trending 26 videos:


  1. Parties in 2020
  2. 63 shirts used in video, 5 hours to make it, 9 sec to watch and 1 second to like
  3. Playing with Tom&Jerry cartoon.
  4. "I`m good, I`m good" pool dance
  5. Couple challenge
  6. Pets challenge
  7. Mirror prank 
  8. Quarantine dance on the air
  9. Teleportation
  10. Prank for pets
  11. Professional cameraman
  12. How to greet in 2020
  13. How to go out in public in 2020
  14. No need in burbershop duet
  15. Ask Corona virus
  16. Hot coffee time 
  17. Nowadays shoes fashion
  18. Just keeping parents in safe. How the tides have turned!
  19. Qurantine in Hollywoood
  20. Ice Ice Baby
  21. Handmade device against Covid-19
  22. Temperature check
  23. The difference of panic level in USA, Italy, Korea and Thailand
  24. Couple challenge failed
  25. Nurse station TikTok
  26. Corona Virus cool painting


Enjoy, share, like, subscribe and Take care of yourself!