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shoot hoops

Video ID: 6968890156686331137

Description: I had to live through this nightmare everyday of the 5 month lockdown 🤪

Used hashtags: #clapping #clappingwithouthands #fyp #conjuringhorror #imgettingripped #rip

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This page provides video identified by number 6968890156686331137 and created by TikTok user @classicboops

Nobody knows why shoot hoops @classicboops added such hashtags/keywords as: #clapping #clappingwithouthands #fyp #conjuringhorror #imgettingripped #rip

shoot hoops used 74 symbols for the video description, yeah you can count on your own: I had to live through this nightmare everyday of the 5 month lockdown 🤪

shoot hoops didn't use any music for that TikTok

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